GVS was founded in 1996 and started its international marketing activities in 2008. GVS has recorded several achievements since its establishment, including:

  • Development of a unique chemical imaging technology suitable for integration in a wide range of environmental monitoring applications, such as air pollution, earth/land observation, and food safety applications.
  • Cooperation with a series of potential strategic partners who expressed interest in GVS to develop different product-lines of innovative applications based on the GVS product suite.

Timeline – Milestones:

1996-2001 - Feasibility study, HSI (Hyper-Spectral Imaging) algorithm development and method validations.

2002-2005 - Hyper-Spectral Imaging Systems development, field testing and enhancement of GVS' IP portfolio.

2006-2008 - Application development (e.g., hazardous material detection, document security and remote sensing) and air pollution sources apportionment application testing.

2008-2009 - Application validation, compliance with EPA-CMB regulation and standards, PM2.5/10 source apportionment (hazardous PM detection and identification), marketing & sales activities, establishment of GVS' subsidiaries in the US and Europe and assessment of strategic partners in the US, Europe, and Japan.